DYI: controllable 1-wire thermostat

1-wire thermostat

A cool example of creation of controllable 1-wire thermostat. The author claims that there is a production thermostat with similar functionality tagged at $54.82. So, it depends to you buy it or make it by yourself.

SiteController for Irrigation & Lighting

SiteController for Irrigation and Lighting Controls

When I made a research of irrigation controller for our smarthome project one of the best options was Rain8. It satisfied all conditions except one – non-Windows user interface (our home automation system is Linux-based). SiteController for Irrigation & Lighting is deprived this lack. It includes built-in web servicer. So you’ll able to configure the SiteController using any web browser. Additionally it provies:

  • 16 stations standard, expandable to 48, with master valve control
  • Simple integration with home automation systems
  • Programmable sms, email and pager alerts
  • Standard 10/100 ethernet connection (possible add WiFi module)
  • Support for local weather station
  • Weather Resistant polycarbonate enclosure (NEMA3/IP54)
  • Simple front panel controls for test and maintenance
  • Optional two-wire expansion bus for additional sensors and controls

The SiteController for Irrigation & Lighting is available for pre-order at price $1,295.00.

Control Your Water Heater or A/C with INSTEON/X10

EZSwitch30 30A INSTEON X10 Controller

EZSwitch30 30A INSTEON X10 Controller allows to control your air conditions or water heater using X10 or INSTEON commands. The module has built-in memory to trigger events on the outputs to last for 1 to 255 minutes. But the most interesting way is to control the EZSwitch30 using special software such LinuxMCE (currently for X10 only). In case of fault the control system it’s possible to operate with device by pressing the set button on the side of the EZSwitch30.

The EZSwitch30 is available at price $114.99.

Control a climate in your home with IP Thermostat

IP Thermostat & 6 Port Power Adapter

IP Thermostat offers the simplest way to control a temperature in you home. Just install it on your local LAN and control it with your web browser on your local PC. The IP Thermostat is compatible with most HVAC systems, so whether you have a gas or oil furnace or boiler, hydronic heating or central air conditioning, you’ll be able to integrate this single-stage heat and cool thermostat into your existing heating system.

The IP Thermostat allows to program each day in the year. So, you have amazing flexibility for $374.99. Additionally, the thermostat can send notifications in the event of required maintenance or hight/low temperature.

The IP Thermostat includes a passive 110 punch-down block which provides power to the IP Thermostats over the Cat5 wiring and easy patch-cable connectivity to your LAN switch or router. The Ethernet Power Adapter provides power and network connection for up to six IP Thermostats.

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Oregon Scientific WMR101

Oregon Scientific offers its Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger – WMR101. It allows to monitors indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, as well as heat index and dew point. The unit also includes radio controlled atomic clock. It allows to add up to 9 indoor or outdoor temperature and humidity sensors.

Additionally, you may add Virtual Weather Station to receive weather information to your PC via USB and share it through your web site.

The Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger WMR101 is tagged at $89.90 including main wireless unit, one thermometer/hydrometer sensor and Virtual Weather Station software.

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