EU version of Z-Wave motion detector three-in-one


HomeSeer produced an European version of its Z-Wave motion detector HSM100HSM100-EU. Additionally to the motion detection it provides an information about illumination and temperature. The HSM100-EU has a range of 10 meters and requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. The motion sensor should work in any Z-Wave certified system. But the temperature and illumination sensors are supported by the HomeSeer software only. That really not good if you use some other home automation system.

The HSM100-EU is available on the HomeSeer site and tagged at $80.95.

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A New Generation of Energy Efficient Thermostats

HAI Thermostat

HAI (Home Automation, Inc.) has been introduced its new energy efficient line of its thermostats – Omnistat2 at the CES2008 last January. It was named an Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Home Appliances product category by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The Omnistat RC-1000 supports conventional and heat pump systems, and dual fuel with 2nd stage auxiliary heat. The Omnistat RC-2000 has all of the features of the 1000 but adds humidity control and supports 2 stage conventional and 2 stage heat pump with 3rd stage auxiliary heat systems.

The Omnistat2 is a 7-day programmable communicating thermostat designed to precisely control the temperature and humidity within the home. It can “learns” a home’s heating and cooling patterns and adjusts control to maximize both the HVAC system’s efficiency and the occupants’ comfort.

The Omnistat2 is able to communicate with HAI and most home control systems (it’s good if you prefer different smarthome software) for coordination of energy savings with daily activities, such as “Home”, “Away”, or “Vacation”. It can be controlled from within the house or remotely through the telephone or Internet through HAI’s control systems and accessories. Additionally it can communicate with utility metering systems to allow for real time energy cost and usage to be displayed directly on the thermostat. So, homeowners can visualize and understand their consumption, and to be able to reduce it whenever possible.

The first two models in the Omnistat2 line, the RC-1000 and RC-2000 will be shipping in the second quarter of 2008. The price is not tagged yet.

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Add INSTEON compatibility to your thermostat

INSTEON Thermostat Adapter

INSTEON Thermostat Adapter offers a simple and efficient way to add your Totaline / Venstar thermostat into your INSTEON network. It’s plugged into the jack on the bottom the thermostat and should be linked to the INSTEON controller, using INSTEON’s simple Plug-n-Tap setup. After that you’ll able to control the temperature from the controller and receive back its current value.

The INSTEON Thermostat Adapter doesn’t require battery. It’s powered by the thermostat. Just note that the INSTEON Thermostat Adapter is not compatible with X10.

The INSTEON Thermostat Adapter is expected to be available from 15/02/2008 at price $99.99.

Control your thermostat via phone

Thermostat Telephone Controller

If you already use a Venstar or Totaline programmable thermostat you can extend its functionality by adding Thermostat Telephone Controller. It allows following:

  • Control your thermostat remotely using your phone or cell phone
  • Adjust temperature of up to 4 thermostats using touchtone buttons or voice recognition
  • Monitor the temperature inside your home over the phone
  • Connect to a powerline interface to adjust a home automation component remotely

Additionally the thermostat can be connected to the X10 automation controller (thanks to end-of-line resistor). In that case you’ll able to control lighting and home appliance via phone as well.

The Thermostat Telephone Controller is available immediately at the price $159.99.

Control your thermostat via phone

Talking Thermostat

TalkingThermostats released recently a new family of talking thermostat – the Commstat CEO-24 and CEM-24. The thermostats “talks” to the homeowner, prompting for the system password, reporting the temperature, and asking if any changes should be made. Thanks to built-in telephone module, they allow to adjust a temperature in your home remotely via phone line. Additionally the CEO-24 and CEM-24 can call to one of three pre-defined phone numbers to report if the heating or cooling system fails.

The difference between CEO-24 and CEM-24 is that. CEO-24 doesn’t support heat pump applications and CEM-24 doesn’t have dual out capabilities.

The Commstat CEO-24 and CEM-24 are priced at $325.00 and $265.00 respectively. Also, you can find a few other models on the TalkinThermostats site.

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