ATI Catalyst Display Driver 9.3 is out

It isn’t so fresh news but still. ATI released a new version of its proprietary drivers for Linux. The 9.3 provides better options to configure display for HDTV in the ATI Catalyst Control Center. Also a few bugfixes were done with detection of display port, TV standards aspect, video playback after hibernation and dual display configuration. There is a good news for developers. They have now a way to control video card parameters from their applications using AMD Display Library SDK.

I received a positive feedback about using ATI Radeon HD3200, previous version of ATI Catalyst 9.2 and alpha version of LinuxMCE 0810. The video playback is ok now. But there is still a few issues: cursor cannot be hided without mouse and there is no way to call menu when screen server is started. Probably the new version of Catalyst drivers will solve that.

ATI Catalyst 9.1 is out!

Catalyst logo

New version of proprietary ATI Catalyst 9.1 video drivers for Linux was released recently. There is a few main changes such as:

  • Support for New Linux Operating Systems
  • Full OpenGLâ„¢ 3.0 Support
  • Hybrid CrossFireâ„¢ support for Linux
  • Multiview Support

Additionally it was improved support of ATI Radeon HD 3200 – video adaptor which gives a lot of troubles for LinuxMCE users. So, try that newest drivers. Maybe they will solve your problems.