HDMI over CAT5

If you want to extend a HDMI cable between your plasma and HD-DVD player CMI HET001 may help you to perform that task. For just £75 you will get a support HDCP and will able to send a 1080p signal up to 28m or a 1080i one up to 60m via CAT5. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The CMI HET001 supports more or less fresh version of HDMI – 1.3 (there is a latest one 1.3b). So, it’ll be enough for the next two – three years minimum.

[via AutomatedHome]

Whole-House Audio and Video System

Whole-House Audio

Here is A/V multiroom solution for your home – 8-Source 8-Zone Controller/Amplifier. It allows to play 8 different A/V components through 8 zones of your home. The system includes MZC-88 controller, 8 keypads, cables and other parts for installation. All do you need is to mount the controller into rack , connect your DVD, CD, satellite, VCR and/or any other source of audio or video to the controller, install keypads and wire the controller with output devices: TV or audio systems. Each keypad has built-in IR receivers to control your system using your existing remotes.

The 8-Source 8-Zone Controller/Amplifier is available on Smarthome at $4809.99.