satellite TV system for vehicles

satellite TV system for vehicles

If you don’t want to be bored in your car trip TracVision A7 is what do you need! It’s a satellite TV system for vehicles from KVH Industries. It allows to watch DirecTV in your car. The unit is available at price $2,995. Sure, you should pay also monthly about $45.
The TracVision A7 is a cool gadget but it seems a bit dangerous. Before drivers could talk by mobile phone only But now they start watch TV 🙂

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Keep watch over your vehicle

TruScene TS-1L Many people were in the situation when they came to their cars and found out some damages. It’s difficult or maybe impossible to find a witness and get a compensation. The British company TruScene offers an elegant solution – The TruScene TS-1L camera. The camera should be mounted internally on the front windscreen (there is also an option to purchase a rear mounted camera for fitting to the rear screen). If the car is involved in an accident that results in a pre-determined g-force, then a g-force motion sensor is activated and the video image is transferred to non-volatile memory for storage. The camera can be easyly connected to the PC to download video.

Additionally, the camera has built-in LCD display for adjastment and integraded GPS to allow for the location of the footage to be embedded onto the clip as well as the time.

Hovewer, the price is not so cheap – $1,000. But it depends on your car.

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Mac Mini as Car computer

Mac Mini

Mac Mini is one of the geekest gadgets produced recetly. It combines wide functionality, small form-factor and stylish design. Once you get Mac Mini in your hand you didn’t change it anything else.

I already wrote about two interesting installations of Mac Mini: Mac Mini as home PVR and Mac Mini as part of multimedia car system. But the using of Mac Mini as computer for Toyota Prius seems really amazing! It allows to listen a music and watch DVD and photos.

Guy who did this installation wrote a Perl script to listen to the serial port and send the Apple Script commands to control Front Row from the touch screen.

Mac Mini, Sport Car and a Movie Theater


DeLorean Mac Mini is very interesting example of using of Mac Mini as a car movie theater. The car is 1981 DeLorean DMC. The system includes:

  • 1.5 GHz Mac Mini G4, 1Gb RAM, 80 GB HDD
  • Projection center and mirror
  • Tether box
  • Basic Stamp Brian box and liner actuator

Here is more details and photos.

I’m thinking about Mac Mini (but Intel-based) as a home PC. It includes many features, has excellent design, small form-factor and reasonable price. Only one I don’t like (personally) Mac OS. My wife Maria prefers Windows and me – Linux or Windows too. Mac OS is very specific and not prevailing operation system. It’d be nice if Apple starts to support Windows and Linux after moving to Intel processors 🙂