Boxee Box will get LiveTV in January

Boxee LiveTV

Boxee team officially confirmed LiveTV feature. It’ll be available in January 2012 for US and Canada users Boxee Box only. PC version of Boxee won’t have such possibility. Also there is a clear explanation that PVR (Personal Video Recorder) functionality won’t be available. It’ll be truly Live TV without recording or pausing.

The main goal of LiveTV on Boxee Box is to replace many devices by only one and to bring a competitor of existing cable boxes and services. Boxee promises a good range of channels with reasonable price. And it’ll be really cool advantage to existing Boxee features – playback various media types from different sources and integration with online media and social services. Also Boxee Box LiveTV looks much better then any GoogleTV box.

As I already mentioned, the LiveTV will be available in January 2012. But LiveTV USB stick can be pre-ordered even now.