Boxee comes to Cyprus

Boxee Box

Stylish HD media player Boxee Box with amazing user interface, rich functionality and original remote control with QWERTY keyboard comes to Cyprus. You can buy it in the NEXUS Computer Systems at €259.00. Not bad, not bad.

Boxee will appear on the Iomega TV NAS

Synology DS211j

Boxee partnered with Iomega to bring its excellent HTPC software to Iomega TV NAS. Iomega TV is powered by the Intel Atom processor CE4100 like Boxee Box. So, it’ll make more easy to produce firmware for both devices in the future. To control device the remote control with QWERTY will be used which looks like that Philips remote.

The Iomega TV NAS with Boxee will come with three configurations: diskless – $229, 1Tb – $299 and 2Tb – $349. It’ll be available later this this quarter. And possible we can see it on CES 2011.

Use Kinect to control Boxee and XBMC media centers

Kinect becomes gesture remote for Boxee and XBMC

Using a new Kinect hack called KinEmote – Kinect Driven Media Control, you can manage the Boxee- or XBMC-based media center just by gestures. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Also it can be used any OpenNI compliant camera together with KinEmote and not just Kinect original one. So, you may enjoy native control like on demo video below.
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Boxee Box is available for pre-order worldwide

Boxee Box

About one week left till the Boxee Box will be lunched officially. But you can pre-order your box even now. So, do it if you’d like to receive it before Christmas.

VUDU is coming to Boxee


Today Boxee announced its partnerships with VUDU HD on-demand movie service. This is a clever step on the threshold of Boxee Box release on November 10th. Unfortunately, the VUDU is available in states only. But still.

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