Griffin’s Beacon universal remote for Android

Griffin's Beacon universal remote

There are plenty of possibilities to use iOS devices to control AV equipment. But there is not such abundance for Android platform. So, Griffin tries to change that situation launching its Beacon universal remote control system for Android. It costs like iOS version – $69.99 and includes hardware and software parts. To communicate with IR transmitter it uses Bluetooth and not WiFi. I like that approach because consumers don’t need WiFi access point to use this system.

Additionally to ordinary features of universal remote control Beacon offers integrated guide to browse, search and call up TV shows. But I suspect it’ll work only in US and Canada, where all digital channels have EPG. In any case I like the Griffin’s Beacon universal remote for Android. Good stuff indeed.

Bluetooth music receiver BoomBoom 75

Football TV Remote Control

Simple and elegant way to stream music from smartpone or tablet to audio system or boombox is offered by Marmitek. Its BoomBoom 75 can be connected to the aux-in, line-in or MP3-link connection input to receive music over Bluetooth. It’s powered by miniUSB or battery and pairs up to 8 devices. Cool device with reasonable price – just €34.95.

Philips launched media dock for Android devices

Philips Fidelio for Android speaker

Good news for all fans of Android smartphones. Philips announced on IFA 2011 in Berlin three new models of its media docks Fidelios for Android devices. That’s really awesome! The micro-USB connector in the doc can be adjusted in three dimensions to handle all kind of Android smartphones. The biggest model AS851 outputs 30 watts of a superb crystal-clear sound and the smallest one AS111 offers just 10 watts but it has 360-degree sound coverage and compact design.

Additionally the Android docks Fidelios allows Bluetooth connection. To help with it Philips offers free app called Fidelios. So, your Android device can stream music even without inserting to the dock.

There is no any information regarding the availability and price of new Android docks from Philis. I’ll watch it cause I’d like to buy it. So, stay tune!

PS3 remote Snakebyte with IR transmitter

Snakebyte PlayStation 3 remote

If you ever tried to control Blu-ray playback on PS3 using its native controller you should know it’s nightmare! That’s why it’s good idea to buy some Bluetooth-based remote control specially for PS3. Snakebyte is one of them. But except Bluetooth transmitter that remote has IR one. It gives you possibility to control up to five IR-based AV devices. The Snakebyte also sports backlit display, motion sensor and built-in Li-ion battery. It’s possible to get new features and new IR codes via firmware upgrade. The price of the Snakebyte is just $49.99 and it’ll be available next April.

By the way, if you have Sony TV supported Bravia Sync, and your PS3 is connected to the TV via HDMI then you may use original TV’s remote to control Blu-ray playback on the PlayStation 3. Good way to save fifty bucks, isn’t?

Wireless energy consumption monitor


British based company Energy Optimizers Limited offers an elegant and efficient way to monitor of energy consumption named Plogg. This a bit ugly looking unit can measure energy consumption in desired socket (and appliance, of couse) and transmit data to PC or controller via Bluetooth or ZigBee. Thanks to it the Plogg can be integrated with whole house automation system or with just standalone application on your PC.

The Plogg looks similar to Kill-A-Watt but the last one doesn’t have possibility to connect to PC. The price for unit is about 60 GBP (depends on using wireless technology). The application of the Plogg is reasonable if you need to see of energy consumption of specific device (or group devices). Otherwise the using of whole house energy monitors is more preferable.

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