Upgrade blog to WordPress 2.3.1

Today I upgraded my blog to the latest version of WordPress – 2.3.1. I was afraid a bit because that version includes a native support of tags. But I used plug-in Ultimate Tag Warrior. So, I wasn’t sure in the functionality implemented import existing tags from the plug-in and linking them with posts. But everything was over fine (at least at first glance). If you find something strange, please, drop the comment. It’ll help me fix found bug quickly.

Also, I modified a blog layout a bit. I replaced categories by tags cloud which is more useful IMHO. Currently there are 30 the most used tags on the side bar. The whole list of tags is available on the Archive page.

New hosting and new blog face

Today I moved Smart Home Blog to the new web hosting. Now it should work much better and its maintenance will be much easier. Also, I change a design of the Smart Home Blog. I like this view more than previous. Hope you’ll also like this theme.