Testing a new build of LinuxMCE

Last Saturday I reinstall my test LinuxMCE system. I downloaded the latest build of 0710 Beta 3 for AMD64. Whole installation took about 15 -20 minutes and required two answers for the questions (I remember the Plutohome installation. It was a bit complicated and needed more time).

The reason why I reinstall my system is following. It was impossible to add a new MD there, even manually via admin interface. Most probably it was the result of not correct upgrade from i686 to AMD64 which was done earlier. Unfortunately, the problem still exists. But at least I can see in the log that MD is recognized by core but the installation process doesn’t complete by some reason. Maybe it’s a hardware issue, maybe there is some network error. Tonight I’ll play with it again.
LinuxMCE: groups of IR codes for A/V equipment
But there are at least two good changes in that version. The first of all. MythTV backend isn’t running now in case of using VDR. Grate, isn’t it? The second very useful feature is a possibility to send a test IR command from the page (on the picture) where proper group of IR codes should be chosen. I spent just a few minutes to send a command to my TV via GC100 and found appropriate group (Actually, it was the first group :)). Really good progress and good work!