Integration iPhone/iPod Touch with BD-Live Blu-ray


NetBlender is planning to integrate iPhone/iPod Touch with BD-Live Blu-Ray players. The new technology is named BD Touch. It’ll allow to consumer to use iPhone/iPod Touch as remote control for Blu-ray player as well as receive to the Apple’s device some media content, including advertising (I know that people hate it but what can we do? Producers want make money and DB Touch might give them a good opportunity). iPhone or iPod Touch can use WiFi connection of services offered by AT&T to communicate with the player.

Developers will able to create new BD Touch applications or integrate Blu-ray players into home automation systems using SDK, which is gonna be released as well. So, it seems that Apple’s gadgets became more and more popular and commonly used. I’m not surprised. iPhone offers the best user interface which can be applied in many places.