New fast PowerLine AV D-Link adapters

D-Link PowerLine

D-Link announced its new PowerLine adapters – single adapter unit DHP-310AV ($59.99), AV Mini Adapter Starter Kit DHP-311AV ($109.99) with two units and AV 4-Port Switch Mini Adapter Starter Kit DHP-348AV ($129.99). Those adapters can give up to 200Mbps speeds over existing electrical wiring (should be enough even for 1080p streaming). Which together with non-expensive price and slim design makes new D-Link products very attractive in case you don’t want additional wiring for your home network.

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How to hide your TV

8 Ways to Hide a TV

If you think that modern TV doesn’t fit design of your house you may want to hide it somehow. But it should be easy to access it when you’d like to watch it. ElectricHouse gives you an idea how to do it by demonstrating 8 ways to hide you TV. You can find there expensive solutions as well as simple and cheap. I like an all-in-one solution from VisionArt called the Trio (on the picture above), which comes with an LED HDTV, frame and retractable artwork.

New NetStreams multi-room solution uses VUDU XL


NetStreams presented its new multi-room solution which uses VUDU XL as a video server. Built-in 1Tb storage is quite enough for that purpose. NetStreams integrated VUDU XL with its IP-Based Distributed Audio, Video and Control system DigiLinX. So, media content (more than SD and HD 5000 movies) is streamed through the VUDU XL set top box, distributed throughout the home and controlled via DigiLinX. VUDU offers an efficient way to control its STB by IP. So, NetStreams just utilized it to build its new multi-room solution.

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NaimNet Multi-Room AV Solutions

NaimNet Multi-Room Solutions

English company Naim which specializes in producing of high-end home AV devices released NaimNet. The NaimNet is a combination of Naim’s expertise in audio and video together with the IP technology of StreamNet™ licensed from NetStreams® LLC. Using NaimNet you can build a scaleable multi-room AV system (it can accommodate up to 1.8 million rooms!). It is possible also to have a high-end AV system in one primary room, a high-end audio system in another and a reasonable but low cost system in the kitchen or bathroom, for example.

The NaimNet system can be easy operated through a range of rich interfaces such as wall panels, PDAs, Tablets, a PC or a stand alone control interface.
For more information please read or download the NaimNet brochure [PDF, 2.24MB].