Systemline MusicServer SMS3-160

MusicServer SMS3-160

Systemline announced its new MusicServer SMS3-160. Featured by 160Gb hard drive it allows to store up to 300 albums at the highest (uncompressed) standard or more than 40,000 songs at 68kbs bit-rate. Three independent stereo audio outputs allow simultaneous independent access to any one of three different sources – CD, HDD or Internet Radio. Additionally, the SMS3-160 can use file storage in the same network or you may attach your MP3 player to the USB port on the front panel. Included CDR drive allows to record music stored on HDD to CD.

You can control the SMS3-160 via a Systemline Modular Touchscreen, a TV or the front panel display.

Suggested selling price is £1250.00 inc vat and it is available now from authorised Systemline dealers throughout the UK and overseas.

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Pinnacle Audio Athenaeum music server

Pinnacle Audio Athenaeum music server Pinnacle Audio Athenaeum music server

British company Pinnacle Audio presented its an ultra-high-fidelity, hard-drive-based music server – Athenaeum. It may store about 9,000 CDs with lossless compression. So, you’ll enjoy a rich, rounded sound.
The main unit uses embedded Linux and features four hot-swappable hard drive bays, with modules available from 160GB to 750GB. The Athenaeum has web based user interface which developed with AJAX. So, it’s possible to control the server from any PC with modern web browser. The system comes with Nokia770 as control panel (resently I already blogged about two projects which also use Nokia770 as remote control: moodSeer and Linux Media Center). However, the Athenaeum can be integrated with proprietary whole-house audio control systems from Crestron or AMX (the additional software modules are needed for that). Moreover, direct serial port commands allow an easy integration into any control system.
Additional touted features include:

Ability to import existing digital music collections, gleaning meta-data from ID3 tags and filenames
Windows filesharing

  • Compatible with iPods and other portable music players
  • Automatic CD ripping when CDs are inserted
  • 24-bit, 96kHz DAC
  • 22Hz-22kHz,-0.4,-0.4dB claimed frequency response
  • 104dB (A-weighted) (D/A)100.4dB (A-weighted) (A/D) claimed dynamic range
  • 0.002 percent claimed THD (total harmonic distortion)
  • Control system (Crestron, AMX) library modules provided
  • Serial port and API allow control system integration
  • 430 x 450 x 135mm

It seems that the Pinnacle Audio Athenaeum music server is available not there are not any words about its price.

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Yet another multiroom music system

The moodSeer multiroom music system

Magic Home Entertainment announced its multi-room music system – moodSeer. The system includes three components: moodCenter, moodSpot and moodBeamer handhold controller. The last one is nothing else than Nokia770 with custom image (I’m thinking about the same solution for Plutohome Orbiter).
The server keeps all your music. Plus you can connect it to the Internet to get Internet radio, podcasts and more. The moodSpot can be connected to powered speakers or the stereo you already have in the room. It will even connect to many boom boxes. You can connect from 6 to 36 moodSpots in your home, for music wherever you want it.
After import your music to the moodServer it stores all tracks and categorizes them according to mood. So, you choose your mood using moodBeamer handheld controller and listen music according to the mood. It’s cool and so easy.
The system also offers a support of mobile MP3 players and follow-me mode (when you listen music on one room and then decide to move to another room the music will be also transferred to the second room).
The price of moodSeer is $4100 for 1Tb moodServer and $1500 for each moodSpot (probably Nokia770 is free :)).
Recently I already blog about Linux-based DIY similar system. Generally, it’s similar to moodSeer except that the Linux-system is fully open and customizable. And also it costs much less.
If you’d like to listen mood music but don’t want to pay so much you might be interested in Squeezebox-based system which may communicates with your PC, Internet radio and file storage and build “smart” playlist according to a ‘genome map’ of music using Pandora service.

The Digital Entertainment Network Solution

DigitaLife System

Dedicated Devices, Inc. puts together new DigitaLife Server 300 and DigitaLife Storage 300 products to produce DigitaLife System, the first digital home entertainment and network solution that is designed specifically to be built into new homes.

Key system features include:

  • Centralized management, distribution and control of digital content, in all of the most popular formats, to anywhere in the house.
  • Convenient private home network for sharing internet access, files, printers and other equipment throughout the home.
  • Built-in residential gateway to the internet.
  • Handles up to 8 streams of audio and photos, or 4 streams of video, independently and simultaneously.
  • ActivLink software that automates the copying of digital media files to the DigitaLife Server.
  • Gracenote Media Management software, which automatically names and categorizes a music collection by artist, album and genre.
  • Network Manager, a browser-based control console for managing network and media settings.
  • Support for IP/network cameras

The DigitaLife System looks cool but it covers only entertainment area of smart home and maybe security a bit (support of IP/network cameras). So, you have to integrate the DigitalLife into some home control system of enjoy just the entertainment automation. Also, The DigitaLife System supports only the Panasonic BB-HCM311A wired network camera and the Panasonic BL-C10A wired network camera. But they are not provide PoE (Power over Ethernet) which is very useful.

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