Skype For Asterisk is out


Digium recently released the final version of the module for integration Skype and Asterisk. The implementation is done as an add-on channel driver. The module allows to Skype-to-Skype calls as well as supporting SkypeIn and SkypeOut. Additionally it offers set and retrieve online status, trunk calls between Asterisk servers over Skype, make and receive multiple concurrent Skype calls from the same Skype account. The price of Skype module for Asterisk is $66.00 per channel.

Personally I don’t see a big advantages of Skype over the SIP gates for voice calls. The SIP gates are cheaper and they give better voice quality. But the Skype module for Asterisk can be very useful in case of calling directly to the Skype accounts since Skype is a standard de-facto for business communications. In any case it’s good to have more choices for VoIP calls!

Skype for Asterisk

Skype recently announced a new module which integrates Skype functionality into Digium’s Asterisk software. It allows to Asterisk users make, receive and transfer Skype calls with multiple Skype names with low Skype global rates. Not bad, isn’t it?

The Skype for Asterisk beta can be downloaded from here

[via Skype Journal].

Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone

iPhone and asterisk

The project Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone might be interesting for all owners of iPhone and users of PBX Asterisk. It allows to list messages, listen to messages, display caller-id information, delete messages, move messages, return calls and change voicemail settings all from your iPhone. All you need to install additional software on your Asterisk box. That software is also can be used in LinuxMCE. Because it comes with FreePBX to organize home telephony. The Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone can be downloaded from here and life demo is available here (use your iPhone).

If I understand clearly the access to the Asterisk Voicemail from iPhone is realized via HTTP. So, if it’s like that theoretically it might be possible to use any other smartphone.

[via Asterisk Blog]

Configure Asterisk with LinuxMCE


On the LinuxMCE is posted a new brief howto about configuration of Asterisk SIP trunk. I did the same but for private SIP provider under Plutohome. Since LinuxMCE was forked from Plutohome project that approach should work for both.

For configuring SIP trunk in my Pluthome installation I used that article. It describes clearly how to do that. Moreover, its author used AMP the same as in Plutohome.

Based on my experience with configuration of SIP trunk under Plutohome I wrote that brief howto. Hope it’ll help people.

Asterisk-based VoIP PBX


Fonality has announced TrixBox – a telephony application platform based on Asteriskâ„¢ Open Source PBX Software. The target of TrixBox is to make fast and simple an installation and configuration of your business-class telephony system. This PBX box offers unlimited extensions, voicemail-to-email, music on hold, call parking, analog lines or high density T1/E1 circuits and many other features.

Additionally, TrixBox includes Customer Relationship Management system – SugarCRM, which may help you organize your calls and contacts to use them more efficient.

TrixBox is selling for $999.99. So, it’s a bit expensive and superfluous for home users but for small business it’s appropriate solution.

P. S. Have a look also the book “TrixBox Made Easy” and project wiki to get all information about the TrixBox.

[via Engadget]