Tweet-a-Pot: fun but unpractical


You’re big fan of Twitter, DIY and like coffee then project Tweet-a-Pot may be interesting for you. The idea is following. A coffee machine is connected to the PC via small but power Arduino Board. Arduino IDE and Python should be installed on that PC. A simple Python script checks a status of your Twitter account and sends ON/OFF command to the coffee machine via Arduino Board according to the status.

Well, the Tweet-a-Pot looks very interesting for study home automation or play with Arduino Board. Practically it’d be much better to use X10 PC interface like CM15Pro and appliance module together with X10 Commander. Additionally you will able to connect more devices and lighting control. You’ll need just additional X10 modules for that.

Russound RNET to Sonos Bridge

Russound RNET to Sonos Bridge

Danny Mavromatis shared results of his project to build a bridge between Russound RNET and Sonos multi-room audio systems. The bridge is based on small ARM board Arduino and currently supports only based operations such play, stop, pause etc. But Danny promised to expand the bridge features and keep us updating with the progress of his project.

See the demo video after break.
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Arduino Software

When I read about Botanicalls Twitter I found that open source project – Arduino Software. It can be used to write code and upload it to the Arduino I/O boards (see the list of supported hardware). The Arduino Software is based on Java and uses Processing, avr-gcc, and other open source software. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Hopefully it’ll help somebody to create custom controller.