New release of OS2007 Hacker Edition


Yesterday a new version of OS2007 Hacker Edition for Nokia770 was released. Bad news: Skype, Adobe Flash 9 and support of flash memory more than 2Gb are not included there (developers explained that fact by difficulty to port those software to Nokia770 hardware). Good news: device works more stable and much faster. I re-flash my Nokia yesterday. Visually it boots faster and all applications are lunched faster as well. Good work, guys! The new OS2007 Hacker Edition can be downloaded here.

I didn’t install Plutohome or LinuxMCE Orbiter yet. I’m going to upload all its dependencies to the Maemo Extras repository first. I hope it’ll make a process of Orbiter installation much easier. So, after I install the Orbiter and test it I’ll write my impressions here. Stay tune!

The first update of LinuxMCE 0704

LinuxMCE logo
I already wrote about close of free service which offered MythTV users electronic programming guides (EPG). Since MythTV is a part of LinuxMCE all its users need update the system to use a new service – SchedulesDirect. That update will be performed during a few coming days. LinuxMCE will notify you about it automatically. But if you’d like to participate to the project you can try to do update from the test server before it will be released to the production. Just add to the /etc/hosts file the line:
If you will face with some troubles during update, please, make a post to this forum thread. I’m going to add that like today in the my home installation.

Bang & Olufsen announced a partnership with Motama

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is will-known producer of hi-End A/V equipment such such as music systems, loudspeakers, televisions, home theater solutions and telephones. It seems that Danish company is going to provide complete home entertainment solutions with new and innovative features. To do that it has chosen Motama which offers a unique and powerful approach to digital media – Multimedia Middleware (NMM). So, let’s see what will be as result those symbiosis of stylish design and intelligent software.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Updates for LinuxMCE and Plutohome Orbiters

Yesterday I released an updates for the LinuxMCE 0704 and Plutohome Orbiters. Following changes were done:

  • fixed a bug with running Orbiter from the application menu;
  • fixed a bug with incorrect destroying of the Orbiter;
  • modified a bit layout to fit captions for LinuxMCE version;
  • added appropriate description for LinuxMCE version;
  • fixed a few spelling mistakes in the ‘About’ section

Also, I’m planning perform following tasks next step: add all Orbiter’s dependencies to the Maemo extra repository and build a package for MS TrueType Fonts. The package for MS TrueType Fonts is needed because people usually forget to copy those fonts from the core to their Nokia. As result all dynamic captions are not visible.

The latest versions of the Orbiter for LinuxMCE and Plutohome can be downloaded as usual from the Maemo garage.

LinuxMCE Partners with KDE

LinuxMCE logo

Aaron J. Seigo write a post about cooperation with LinuxMCE to integrate in in the coming KDE 4 Plasma to make it a compelling media centre option for KDE 4. Those integration can bring the much needed interface standardization along with a rich set of features to the masses requires such a combined effort between the desktop environment and the media center projects. As I see that cooperation between well-known desktop environment project and potentially perfect full-featured home automation system will be good for both. KDE will get more fans, especially home users. LinuxMCE will be developed faster and more efficient.

Anyway, my LinuxMCE installation works fine. Using my home PC I play with home automation and use it as ordinary Linux computer. Integration with KDE 3.5 was done perfectly. It’s pretty easy to switch between on-screen Orbiter and KDE desktop. So, I’m happy with LinuxMCE and Kubuntu.

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