AlertMe released iPhone/iPod Touch interface


Recently I blogged about adding Energy Saving Range line into AlertMe products to control power consumption of specific home appliance or hole house. But AlertMe team doesn’t stand still. It announced an interface for iPhone/iPod Touch. It allows to view and change the status of an alarm, see who’s at home, look at event history and view the temperate sensor values around house. Also AlertMe is planning to support other smartphones.

Moreover, AlertMe released its API (that’s used for the iPhone interface above). So, developers can use it to provide the interface for their devices and integrate AlertMe Security and Energy Saving Range into their systems. But I couldn’t find any information about a way to get that API on the AlertMe site. Maybe it’ll be announced later.

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AlertMe is going to save energy in your home too


AlertMe is planning to release a new Energy Saving kit additionally to its Home Security line. That kit will include Smart Plugs to control individual appliance, the AlertMe Heating Controller, the AlertMe clip on electricity meter and the AlertMe Keyfobs. All those devices will communicate with AlertMe Hub (just like the Security system). The hub will send information from them to the AlertMe servers, which in turn make it available to the user via a simple web interface. That’s it!

The new Energy Saving kit will be available in November and will need AlertMe Hub + Security package. But from the beginning of 2009 consumers will be able to skip security part and buy just Energy Saving kit including its own hub.

Good expansion by the way. The next step can be added a simple lighting control system based on the wireless home automation protocol ZigBee. It seems that it’ll be possible.

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Linux powers Zigbee-based home monitor


A British startup called AlertMe offers a remotely managed security system that runs off a Linux-driven Hub. It tracks various sensors via popular wireless protocol Zigbee, and then reports back to AlertMe’s servers, which in turn relay alarm events to the customer via SMS or email. The system might include a door/windows sensors, motion, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

The AlertMe Hub is equipped with an ARM9-based Cirrus EP9302 and includes 64MB RAM and 64MB flash, plus a small boot ROM. There’s also an Ethernet port, LEDs, and audio in and out. The hub provides both battery backup in case of power failure and a GPRS radio in case of broadband failure. It’s also equipped with a ZigBee radio, using an Ember EM260 co-processor running Ember’s ZigBee EmberZNet PRO stack.

The price of AlertMe security system is $800 plus $23.50 a month. It seems a good alternative to ordinary security systems which used wared sensors and linked with dedicated security control center.

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