AlertMe changed their strategy

AlertMe Open Gateway

AlertMe decided to change their strategy and dropped monthly fees for their energy monitoring service as well as to embrace open standards for their ZigBee powered wireless hub. The aim is to give consumers an universal way to control their homes over the Internet. At the same time AlertMe launched updated version of their SmartEnergy Kit. Its price stays at £49.99 but now includes a free in-home colour LCD display (it was £29.99 optional extra before) and not monthly fees. Also company is going to offer a Heating controller which is already completed but not ready for selling.

Personally I like new approach of AlertMe. The security system of energy monitoring system shouldn’t have mandatory dependences with online services. It have to be optional. It should just have a way to integrate it with other systems, online services or something else.

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New version of AlertMe Energy

New AlertMe Energy Colour Display

AlertMe announced new version of its home energy management products and services. Now Energy Starter Kit will include Colour Display unit but the price will be still the same – £49.99. The same kit but without display will costs just £29.99. To see the measurement data a new iPhone application can be used. It allows to you to save money and have possibility to see energy consumption directly on your smartphone.

Also note then AlertMe is an official partner of Google’s service PowerMeter. So, you can monitor energy consumption online from any Internet-enabled PC.

Another interesting information is about possibility to measure gas and water consumption. As I understand it’s just a matter of connection specific sensor to the system (I suppose it should be ZigBee device). If so, you’ll full information about energy, gas and water consumption in one place.

AlertMe Energy is supported by Google PowerMeter

AlertMe Energy

Good news for all UK inhabitants who’d like to control their electricity consumption. Producer of DIY home security system AlertMe announced its new product – AlertMe Energy which will be supported by Google PowerMeter service. The AlertMe Energy contains two parts – Meter Reader clipped onto the home’s electricity meter to measure the energy consumption, and Hub plugged to the into the home broadband connection to transmit received data from the meter to the AlertMe web service and now – to the Google PowerMeter. The Meter Reader and Hub communicate each other via ZigBee.

The price of the AlertMe Energy is £69.00 and £2.99 per month for the online service. Well, personally I like TED 5000 more because it doesn’t need any subscription fees. But it can be used in US only as I understand. In any case the partnership with Google is a clever move for AlertMe. Because their security system is too expensive taking into account its limitations. New energy monitoring product can help AlertMe get more customers and keep existing ones.

ZigBee Alliance certify AlertMe Home Automation Products

Press release

San Ramon, Calif. – Aug. 19, 2009
– The ZigBee® Alliance, a global ecosystem of companies creating wireless solutions for use in energy management, commercial and consumer applications, today announced the certification of 17 devices from 10 manufacturers using ZigBee Home Automation, plus enhancements to the public application profile.

ZigBee Home Automation is a standard offering control for home appliances, lighting, environment, energy use, and security. It provides a path to direct interoperability with other ZigBee public application profiles, including the industry-leading ZigBee Smart Energy. ZigBee Home Automation now features new security mechanisms and support for doorbells and mechanized window shades. The standard features control of HVAC systems, power outlets, motorized devices, security and other devices. Product manufacturers will benefit from this standardized approach that makes devices reliable, affordable, easy-to-install and operate. Products using ZigBee Home Automation are ideal for new construction, do-it-yourself and retrofit markets.
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AlertMe v2.0 offers energy monitoring and CCTV


AlertMe – ZigBee based home security system is gonna offer a new functionality in its next release. I already wrote about AlertMe SmartPlugs which will help to consumer to measure the energy consumption. Additionally the new AlertMe version will have PanicPanic button – press the button of your doorbell and SMS will send to your friend, Action chooser – it’ll be possible even switch off/on lighting by some event (set system in Night mode, for example), Tracking – will allow you to set up actions for any sensor triggers and the most important feature in my mind is CCTV, which will allow to monitor your home.

The AlertMe v2.0 is expected to be released at the beginning of next year. Till it isn’t available yet have a look its demo.

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