Aeon Micro Smart Energy Switch turns any switch to Z-Wave one

Tiny Z-Wave Adapter

A new Aeon Lab product – Micro Smart Energy Switch gives an easy way to transform any ordinary switch or dimmer to the Z-Wave enabled one. It’s installed behind a light switch in a junction box and add possibility to send ON, OFF or lighting level commands from Z-Wave controller or remote control. Additionally it sends to controller an information about energy consumption. That solution will give more flexibility for new houses and apartments. Because consumers will be able to choose lighting switches design they want. For retrofitted projects it won’t be needed to replace existing switches.

It’s planned the Aeon Micro Smart Energy Switch will be priced less then $100.

Z-Wave Home Energy Meter from Aeon Labs

Home Energy Meter by Aeon Labs

Recently Aeon Labs introduced its new Z-Wave device – Home Energy Meter. It doesn’t need Electrician for installation and gives you a full picture of your home energy consumption. Traditionally the meter contains two parts – clip to connect to the main wire and transmitter which sends wattage and kilowatt-hours to the central controller using wireless Z-Wave protocol.

Additionally to the Home Energy Meter Aeon Labs announced another two new products – Minimote remote control to manage all Z-Wave devices in your house and Z-StickUSB Z-Wave adaptor to use PC or some other device (ASUS WiFi router 500g, for example) as Z-Wave controller.

[via AutomatedHome]