USB CM15Pro With X-10 ActiveHomePro Software is launched

Marmitek USB CM15Pro

Recently Marmitek launched its new product – USB CM15Pro With X-10 ActiveHomePro Software. It includes a logic engine and 8 times more memory then CM12 (I even don’t speak about my CM11) which allows to store over 1400 timers and/or macros. To communicate with wireless X10 devices CM15Pro sports built-in RF transceiver. So, you don’t need separate TM12U transceiver module to receive events from the MS13E occupancy sensor.

Traditionally CM15Pro is shipped with X-10 ActiveHomePro software which allows to configure and control all X10 devices in your home as well as add various scenarios. The ActiveHomePro is based on Windows and it’s absolutely free (you can download it from the Marmitek’s web site).

Personally I maintain a healthy skepticism about X10. There are more modern and power technologies such INSTEON, PLCBUS or Z-Wave in the home automation area. So, it might be more useful to produce INSTEON devices for European standard then develop dead-end technology.

[via AutomatedHome]