Step by step manual to install XBMC on AppleTV2

XBMC on AppleTV2

Unplggd posted step by step manual to jailbreak AppleTV2 and install XBMC on it. Unfortunately you need a Mac for jailbreak process. It makes hacker’s life harder (for example, I should get Mac from somebody from my friends). But anyway, except that there is nothing complicated. So, use it to build small, quiet, stylish and non expensive media client for your home with power user interface and rich functionality.

Transfer media from PC/laptop to TV without wires

Wisair Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set

Sometimes we’d like to watch movie or see photos from our notebook or PC directly on TV. Modern laptops have even HDMI output. So, it’s easy to connect them to TV. But again you need wires and stay near laptop to control playback or slide show. Wisair offers more convenient way for that. Using its Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set you’ll able to send even 720p HD video without wires! Just plug USB transmitter to the laptop (or any PC) and connect the A/V receiver to your TV via HDMI or VGA. That’s it. Nice solution isn’t it?

For more details, please, see the press-release below.

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