Slim HTPC is based on AMD Fusion E-350 APU

Plugable Wireless Audio Kit

If you prefer new AMD Fusion E-350 APU platform to nVidia Ion 2 for your HTPC the Giada MiniPC A50 might be interesting for you. It’s based on a AMD Fusion E-350 APU with integrated Radeon HD 6310 graphics and supports HD video and audio. The slim case – just 25 mm, has enough space for 2GB of RAM and 2.5″ 350GB HDD. The Giada MiniPC A50 sports HDMI output, USB 3.0 port, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n WiFi, built-in IR receiver and multi-card reader. The box is bundled with Media Center remote to control it the same way as the rest AV devices.

The Giada MiniPC A50 will be available in two colors – black and white, and in two configurations – ready-made with Windows 7 Home Premium ($449) and barebone ($299). Good to know this PC is compatible with Linux. So, you may install XBMC, Boxee, MythTV with a networked HDHomeRun tuner or VDR with USB DVB-S2 card and enjoy power and open source system on your quiet (just 26dB noise level) and energy efficient (30W power consumption) HTPC.

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AMD E-350 APU vs. Intel Atom D525 with ION 2

AMD E-350 APU vs. Intel Atom D525 with ION 2

Long time platform nVidia Ion didn’t have any competitor in case if it’s needed compact, noiseless HTPC with 1080p support. Maybe that’s why its second generation was mostly marketing ploy. But now situation changed. AMD launched its new platform AMD E-350 APU which combines CPU and GPU on one chip. And according to information Hot Hardware and AnandTech it beats Intel Atom D525 with ION 2 on all categories except gaming – productivity, music, PCMarks, communications, and movies. Moreover, AMD E-350 APU supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA bitstreaming over HDMI. So, looks like nVidia should know what new features and improvements will be in the third generation of Ion. If it’ll be released, of course.

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Iomega revamped their ScreenPlay Media Player lineup

Iomega ScreenPlay Media Player

Iomega launched two new HD media players in the ScreenPlay lineup – Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player and its lightweight model, Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link DX HD Media Player. Both of them offer access to services like Netflix and Pandora, are DLNA certified, support 1080p video playback with Dolby / DTS decoding. Players can be connected to LAN over WiFi using USB adapter. The wireless controller with QWERTY keyboard makes navigation in the media library or web pages easy and comfortable. So, the Iomega ScreenPlay players look nice. But I’d like to see the Iomega Boxee model more.

The prices of new Iomega players are reasonable. The ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player with internal 1TB HDD can be found in B&H at $199.95. 2TB model is priced at $299.99. The diskless ScreenPlay TV Link DX HD Media Player is $149.99.

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GPU acceleration for Flash player under Linux

1080p flash video with GPU acceleration

All users of HTPC based on Atom processor and nVidia Ion graphics should know the GPU acceleration works pretty well for HD movies and doesn’t work for Flash video at all. That’s really bad because more and more online services stream 1080p video. But likely situation is changed and Linux users can utilize GPU power for Flash video decoding with new Adobe Flash Player 10.2. Just download and install it. Firefox should start using it immediately. Chrome users should do a simple manual configuration – type about:plugins in the address bar to open config page, press button Details, find option Flash, disable stock player version and enable new one. That’s it. Now you may enjoy HD video from Youtube or some other online strimming service.

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ViewSonic adds Boxee to its HDTVs

Looks like Boxee becomes more and more popular. Yesterday ViewSonic demonstrated its new 46″ HD TV powered by Boxee on CES 2011. Like Boxee Box and Iomega TV it also has Intel Atom CE4100 inside. So, the process of new firmware development won’t be more difficult.

I like Boxee progress. From glamour version of XBMC it became self-sufficient product. DLink Boxee Box was a test of its strength. Iomega TV and ViewSonic HDTVs are big success. Wish Boxee to have more devices and more fans.

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