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WEBT@LKER 5000 call via Skype without PC

WEBT@LKER 5000 with Skype

Topcom presented its PC-less wired Skype telephone at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2007 – WEBT@LKER 5000. It allows to you communicate with your Skype friends for free or use Skype-out to call many places all over the world at very low rates without having to switch on your computer. You need just connect the WEBT@LKER 5000 to the broadband Internet connection via some router and it will be ready to make internet phone calls.
To make your work with Skype easier the phone has a large 2.4” color display and useful hardkeys, echo cancellation technology and high quality speaker for handsfree operation.
Additionally, using Topcom Wireless Expansion Kit the WEBT@LKER 5000 can be connected to the wireless network as well.
No any words about price and availability yet.

[via AVING Network]

Monitor Your Home Remotely with Skype

Skype Monitor For Home I came across this Skype hack which turns your PC with webcam and Skype account into surveillance system. Sure if somebody asked about this functionality this means it’s useful. But IMHO it’d much better to use simple IP camera for this purpose. IP camera is more expensive than webcam but it doesn’t need PC to work. Usually, IP camera already includes web server with user interface. So, it needs just an Internet connection.
For example D-Link IP camera (just about $100) exists in two variants: wired and wireless. It allows to monitor your home/office without PC. You have to connect the camera to LAN and configure it via web interface. The camera has built-in web server with web interface and motion detector. It may record video and send notifications via email if some motion will be detected. And so on.

But anyway, if you like Skype you can use it to monitor your home.

Yet another Skype phone

VoIP841 phone

Philips drops a cordless VoIP841 phone. As usual, the phone is accompanied by a remote DECT base station that plugs into both the broadband connection and the traditional phone line. So, it handles both Skype and ordinary calls in one phone. The VoIP841 has a color screen and stylish design. But, unlike many others Skype-phones, the VoIP841 doesn’t need a PC. It needs just an Internet connection. It’s possible becuase the phone uses Linux as its embedded OS.
The phone will be available this Autumn. The price is not listed yet.

[via Engadget and LinuxDevices]

Yet another Skype Certified phone

USRobotics USRobotics announced its new Skype Certified Cordless Phone designed for home and small office use. The set includes the USR9630 Cordless Phone for Skype and the USR9631 Accessory Handset. The USR9630 base station connects to both a traditional phone line and an available USB port (it supports both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0) on a PC running Skype Internet calling software, to make and receive Skype calls and ordinary telephone calls.

Basically, the Skype USRobotics phone doesn’t have anything which can distinguish it from the bunch of others Skype phones. It might more reasonable to buy Siemens Gigaset phone and Gigaset M34 USB, which is compatible with both Skype and Yahoo! Messenger and looks more attractive.
The phone will be available in September for $119.99 and the accessory handset will be available in October for $69.99. It’s a bit strange because the phone cannot work without handset.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Watch TV via Skype

Watch TV via Skype Skype is very popular and famous product to make phone calls over Internet. Now a team of hucksters from Novac in Japan offers a new cool Skype feature – TV for Skype Anywhere:

Just load-up Skype and Novac’s software onto your home PC, slip in their USB stick with integrated analog tuner, and voila, you’re ready to stream the sweet, sweet TV out the Internet to any of the newer Skype clients capable of video calls. The TV will even call you and then allow you to change channels via a chat window if we’re reading the machine translation correctly — enter “the ##12#” to switch to channel 12, for example.

Watch TV via Skype

The price of Novac’s TV for Skype Anywhere is about US$85.

[via Engadget]

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