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LinuxMCE 0810 is beta now!


Yesterday the LinuxMCE development team announced the beta version of 0810. The installation DVD is ready. We just have to wait a bit till it’ll be uploaded to the official torrent and project’s mirrors. The installation using install script will also work. Current alpha users can just upgrade their systems via apt-get. But it’s suggested to make a fresh installation if somebody will experience difficulties to avoid situation when the problem is related to old functionality.

The DVD installation of 0810 will be different then 0710. First of all the Kubuntu will be installed from DVD. And then you should run LinuxMCE installation by clicking on desktop icon. Nothing complicated at all.

Not sure that Russian language is already added to that beta. If not it’ll be added soon as well as my fixes for translation of UpdateEntArea menu entries.

How to control LinuxMCE using N810

Nokia N810 can be a good choice to control LinuxMCE based home automation system. It’s compact and not so expensive. See the demo video below which demonstrates the Maemo Orbiter in action.

Nokia already announced the next generation of its internet tablet N900. So, I started building of LinuxMCE Orbiter for Maemo 5.

LinuxMCE online store is open now!


An online store with LinuxMCE compatible devices is open now. It’s planning to sell there tested hardware to help people build their own home automation system based on LinuxMCE. Currently there are no so many items. Just a few Z-Wave devices, HDHomeRun, SqueezeboxBoom, Web Pad, TV brackets and IR accessories. But the assortment will be definitely expanded. So, stay tune!

LinuxMCE for Star Trek fans

All of you who like Star Trek and want to have LCARS – Library Computer Access/Retrieval System may be interesting to see demo video of new LinuxMCE theme below. It looks very nice in spite of it isn’t finished yet. Theme includes not just new wallpaper and color scheme. But new buttons, images and icons. So, after releasing it’ll be good option to add to your LinuxMCE box more style and fan. Let’s see the demo!

You can see the progress of development of LinuxMCE Star Trek theme here.

New design for LinuxMCE UI1


LinuxMCE 0810 will have new design of its user interface called Titanium (see UI1 – SLD based GUI, on the picture above). In my opinion it looks more professional then old one. Moreover, users will be able to choose one of the several variation with different data grid colour.

All changes were done without special tool for designing LinuxMCE GUI HADesigner. Instead of that the graphic files were modified in the directory /usr/pluto/orbiter/skins/Basic. A little bit earlier I changed background for media file browser UI2 (OpenGL GUI verion) using the same approach. Because it was difficult to read movie titles with black letters on the dark green. By the way, Titanium will be also available for UI2 soon.

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