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New iRidium V2.1 is out


The New iRidium V2.1 is unique software package to visualize control of automation systems, Audio/Video equipment and Media Servers with full two-way communication, it enables control from any sevice and from any customized interface.

When working on the new version, iRidium programming team relied on advice and practical experience of integrators of different automation systems. As a result, the new version has new enhanced capabilities. iRidium V2.1 can control numerous automation protocols. And more than that, the app makes it possible to integrate several protocols and control them from one graphic interface. Intercom support, notification, support of modern video cameras and DVRs, interface wizard, multi-design function and modules for media servers make iRidium a unique control solution. Ready-made script modules and a built-in tool for creating customized drivers enable fine flexible setting of the project.

One master all the capabilities of iRidium V2.1, in iRidium Academy, either at on-line webinars or in the self-training section.

Learn more about the new iRidium V2.1 here.

A simple way to control energy, water and gas consumption with GreenWave

GreenWave Z-Wave

GreenWave Reality launched its Z-Wave based home automation system with energy, water and gas consumption meter. It includes a GreenWave Reality Gateway, Energy Display and PowerNodes (intelligent power strips). Any other Z-Wave devices produced by different manufactures can be used as well (viva Z-Wave!). The Gateway communicates with Z-Wave devices, control them and collect energy/water/gas consumption data. The Energy Monitor grubs that information and shows it to consumer in clear way. It also can be used separately in any Z-Wave compatible system.

The Gateway can be connected to Internet. In that case the system can be managed remotely as well as update its firmware. There is no any info about price and availability yet. But GreenWave Reality system looks very promised.

[via AutomatedHome]

Verizon announced Home Monitoring and Control system

Verizon Home Monitoring and Control system

Verizon is going to demonstrate its new Home Monitoring and Control system at CES 2011. it’ll allow to control lighting, thermostats, appliance as well as remotely view security cameras and lock/unlock doors through smartphones or FiOS TV boxes. The system will use Z-Wave technology for home automation, sensors and climate control and wireless IP security cameras. The pilot Verizon projects are planned next month in Jersey. Will see it in action at CES.

Lighting control system is based on EnOcean


Recently I found the Verve – the first (at least I had never seen before any) commercial lighting control system based on EnOcean. EnOcean is a modern wireless technology to easily build your home automation system. Comparing with another technologies such Z-Wave or ZigBee, EnOCean has a big advantage. It doesn’t use any battery to power devices. Instead of that it convert electromagnetic, piezogenerators, solar cells, thermocouples etc into usable electrical energy.

There is, unfortunately, not any detailed info, price and availability of the Verve. But it’s nice to see that EnOcean becomes more popular.

P. S. I just would like to remind you that LinuxMCE has basic support of EnOcean too. See that wiki page for more details.

Parrot Digital Messaging Switch Plate

Parrot Digital Messaging Switch Plate

That cool switch plate offers some kind of unique functionality. You may record a message (up to 20 seconds) that will automatically play each time someone flips the switch. It can easily replace an existing switch plate. Just not sure how to 4 AAA batteries will fit the switch box. Also the Parrot Digital Messaging Switch Plate is cheap (just $9.99). So, you can simple try it to see how it fits your life.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the possibility to ship that messaging plate to Cyprus. So, I have no idea how it useful but personally I prefer notifications on my cell phone 🙂

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