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Z-Wave Smoke Detector and Siren

Z-Wave Smoke Detector and Siren

Good news for all professional installers and smarthome enthusiasts in Europe. Everspring is the first Asian manufacturer of Z-Wave products which launched its appliances in the European market. Those products include dimmers, switches, ON/OFF modules, flood and temperature sensors, smoke detectors and indoor/outdoor sirens. Unfortunately there is no information about availability and price. But I hope it’ll be reasonable.

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DIY: LED Door Lock Status Indicator

LED Door Lock Status Indicator Hack

Cool solution to show the status of door lock is given by Martin Howell. He uses a standard micro switch, mounted on to an aluminium plate which is screwed to the inside of the opening in the door frame where the lock tongue goes in, two LED lights and CAT5 wiring for each switch. The wires come from the ‘engine room’ where server and all network stuff are located and carrier power from a central 12v power supply to the LEDs. Using CAT5 he receives the status of each lock to the central place. It’s passed to the HomeSeer server via Ocelot. As result the status of the door lock can be viewed from touchscreen panel or system will say about it via SONOS players using text-to-speech software.

Simple and cheap solution but it’ll help you to make your house more secure. Sure such approach can be used for new house with more then one door (my friend has three plus garage). There is a possibility to install door/window sensors but they can indicate open the door or window or not. The status of the lock is unknown in that case. You can use “smart” locks such Schlage LiNK but it’s too expensive than the Martin’s solution.

Budget and simple wireless surveillance system

Uniden  UDW10003 wireless video surveillance system

Sure it’s better to have some professional solution to organize surveillance system in your home. Moreover the integration with home automation system will be useful as well. But sometimes people need something easy installed and simple in use. The new wireless surveillance system UDW10003 from Uniden fits those criteria. It contains two parts – indoor/outdoor camera with IR night vision and monitor (both are wireless). The monitor can be with 3.5-inch or 7-inches displays. The price of the basic package including 3.5-inch monitor and one camera is just $199.99. The bundle with 7-inches monitor and two cameras is $299.99 and each additional camera is $99.

The Uniden wireless surveillance system is an ideal solution for the most people who don’t want to spend time and money to install complicate system.

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ZigBee Alliance certify AlertMe Home Automation Products

Press release

San Ramon, Calif. – Aug. 19, 2009
– The ZigBee® Alliance, a global ecosystem of companies creating wireless solutions for use in energy management, commercial and consumer applications, today announced the certification of 17 devices from 10 manufacturers using ZigBee Home Automation, plus enhancements to the public application profile.

ZigBee Home Automation is a standard offering control for home appliances, lighting, environment, energy use, and security. It provides a path to direct interoperability with other ZigBee public application profiles, including the industry-leading ZigBee Smart Energy. ZigBee Home Automation now features new security mechanisms and support for doorbells and mechanized window shades. The standard features control of HVAC systems, power outlets, motorized devices, security and other devices. Product manufacturers will benefit from this standardized approach that makes devices reliable, affordable, easy-to-install and operate. Products using ZigBee Home Automation are ideal for new construction, do-it-yourself and retrofit markets.
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EyeSpy247: Stop Worrying, Start Seeing.


EyeSpy247 is an on-line based CCTV system. It offers following features:

  • Monitor your home or business 24/7
  • Set up multiple cameras on one account
  • DIY plug ‘n’ play camera install
  • Choice of wired and wireless cameras
  • Arm/disarm monitoring from a pc or mobile
  • Images/video stored off-site for remote access
  • Get event alerts via email and/or SMS
  • Add friends and family to receive alerts
  • UK based support team

The EyeSpy247 supports wired and wireless IP cameras from Lincsys, Y-cam, Panasonic and Axis (you can buy cameras in the EyeSpy247 shop or use yours). It doesn’t need some special knowledge to install and configure a new camera. Recorded video is stored on-line. So, user can access to it via web browser from anywhere (just need Internet connection) and share it with family members. Additionally the video is safely backuped by EyeSpy247.

Unlike the other similar system EyeSpy247 doesn’t have any monthly fees. User should pay just for the space for recorder video and sent SMS notifications. So, at the first glass it looks like good choice for simple home surveillance system.

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