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Highlight a pool with phosphorescent coating

A Glow in the Dark Pool by Atmosphere Piscines

A French company Atmosphere Piscines offers an original way to highlight a pool. The idea is simple. A phosphorescent coating known as “gel coat,” is vacuum injected into the pool’s base to prevent the emission of dangerous organic compounds. During the day the coating retains solar radiation and then releases it at night. As result your pool is highlighted without electricity, you save environment and your money and, of course, it’ll make romantic atmosphere for night swimming.

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Control motorized interior window coverings with Z-Wave


Somfy offers an easiest way to integrate motorized interior and exterior stuff into your home automation system using its ILT Z-Wave interface. The interface allows a simple connection to the ILT 2-way communicating motor head and can be setup in less than a minute. After that you may control roller/solar, pleated/cellular, 2-inch horizontal blinds, sheer horizontals and roman/woven shades from touchscreen console, remote control or keypad via Z-Wave. Z-Wave is supported by many commercial and open source smarthome systems (LinuxMCE is one of them).

The Somfy ILT Z-Wave interface will be suitable and for home theaters to roll up/out projector’s screen.

Unfortunately I didn’t found any information about the price of the Somfy ILT Z-Wave interface and availability for Europe. If you have such information or maybe know the same device from other producer, please, drop the comment.

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iPhone Automated Bath Management System

iPhone Automated Bath Management System

I already blogged about bath automation system Bath-O-Matic. As you may guess now we’ll talk about application for iPhone/iPod touch to control that $6500 bath tub system. The Bathomatic iPhone App gives an easy way to manage any Bath-O-Matic system via WiFi: control drain plug, set the temperature, add bubbles or dispense etc. The application can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

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Hansgrohe shower with touchpad controller

Touchpad shower controller

With Hansgrohe RainBrain Smart Shower provides the most handy way to have a full control under the shower. It’s equiped with touchpad which allows to set water temperature, the type of stream and even control lighting (I suspect it should be connected to the lighting system) and music (can be transmit via Bluetooth). Moreover, the Hansgrohe shower give a possibility to keep shower preferences for each family member separately.

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EU version of Z-Wave motion detector three-in-one


HomeSeer produced an European version of its Z-Wave motion detector HSM100HSM100-EU. Additionally to the motion detection it provides an information about illumination and temperature. The HSM100-EU has a range of 10 meters and requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. The motion sensor should work in any Z-Wave certified system. But the temperature and illumination sensors are supported by the HomeSeer software only. That really not good if you use some other home automation system.

The HSM100-EU is available on the HomeSeer site and tagged at $80.95.

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