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Absolutely noiseless MiniPC’s ED612E

MiniPC's ED612E
Yet another mini PC from MiniPC – ED612E. It doesn’t seem very power – 1.2GHz VIA Eden proc, 256MB (1GB max) DDR2 memory, a 40GB SATA disk, VIA CN700 graphics chipset, 4 x USB 2.0, Firewire, S/PDIF/composite video out, and even a couple of PS/2 jacks. The dimensions are 20.6 x 19.0 x 7.3 cm. A subtle difference of ED612E is absolutely noiseless. Maybe it can be a reasont to pay about $679 green when the ED612E drops later this month in Japan. But taking into account that Mac Mini Core Duo price is US$778 and possibility to install Linux or Windows as second OS I’m not sure that ED612E will be very popular.

Turn your Mac into a TV

TVMax Miglia Technology is a leading European manufacturer of video, audio and storage products for Mac and Windows has released a TVMax – a analog TV recorder for Mac Mini. It allows to watch, pause, rewind, skip forward and record live TV on your Mac Mini. TVMax receives analog over the air (antenna) and analog cable TV and features built-in video hardware compression within its small, yet ever so stylish case. It can even capture VHS tapes, allowing you to store them on your hard drive or burn them onto DVD. It also offers hardware compression to MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, one click Apple iPod (writes directly to iTunes) or Sony PSP export, PVR functionality based on EPG (Electronic Program Guide). The full tech specification can be found here.

The TVMax is already available and priced at US$249.

Japanese style MiniPC

VT800 MiniPC
MiniPC VT800 is a Japanese implementation of modern conception of small desktop PC. It features Intel Core Duo/Solo processor, Award Flash BIOS (seems to support PXE boot), 2GB DDR2 400 RAM, SATA HDD, 4 USB ports, TV out i. e. HD, built-in WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet.
The VT800 is goes on sale in Japan at the end of June with price $630. It seems good for using as Plutohome Media Director but there is not information about noise because it’s very critical parameter for living room devices.

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