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X10 announced Android Tablet

X10 Android

X10 well-known as producer devices for home automation over electric wirings, recently launched its own Android Tablet called AirPad. For $199.99 you get 7 inch Android 2.3 powered tablet with 1.2 Ghz Rockchip 2918 Cortex A8 processor, 4GB memory + up to 32GB with microSD card, a built in camera, microphone, speakers, WiFi adapter. Not bad for that price isn’t it?

The main application of the X10 AirPad in my mind is control console of smarthome system. It can be mounted to the wall or used as mobile remote control.

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Simple but efficient wall mount for tablet PCs

Tablet PCs becoming more and more popular day by day. As result the number of their accessories also increase. One of the most useful from them is wall mounting kit. You may find a lot of them on the market. But most of them designed for iPad only and sometimes expensive. So, any universal and non-expensive solution merits a great attention. The Hedgie iPad & Universal Tablet PC Mounting Solution is one of them. It’s very simple and priced at £8 only! It can be used with iPad or any other Tablet PC to easy attach or detach device to the wall.

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Don’t miss Fly Mouse

Fly Mouse

While Boxee delays its revolutionary remote control with QWERTY keyboard for its Boxee Box the Shenzhen Feishu Technology offers similar device called Fly Mouse. Fly Mouse sports navigation and media buttons as well as QWERTY keyboard and uses standard radio frequency 2.4GHz. Moreover, it has built-in gyration. So, it understands movement (like Wii controller) and allows to control HTPC by moving the remote in the air.

Fly Mouse uses three AAA batteries and it’s supported by Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. The price of that cool remote is about $47. It’s cheaper then Gyration remote ($99) and don’t forget about QWERTY keyboard.

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Potato FLPR IR dongle turns iPhone into smart remote control

Potato's FLPR IR dongle for iPhone

New Potato Technologies introduced an Infrared iPhone / iPod touch dongle FLPR. It turns iPone into smart remote control and allows to manage all IR-based devices in the home. It offers IR codes for more than 14000 different devices and App with generates remote control UI.

The big advantage of Potato FLPR IR dongle is that it doesn’t need additional device like, for example, RedEye which needs IR transmitter near your TV or air-condition. The FLPR is self-sufficient. That fact gives consumers more flexibility.

The Potato FLPR IR dongle is already available in the producer’s online shop at $79.99. The rest shops will get it at the end of March.

[via Engadget]

LOOQS MeeFrame: WiFi photo frame, radio and more

LOOQS MeeFrame

Digital photo frames are becoming more and more popular. And as result they include more and more features which are not related to photo at all. The same can be said about MeeFrame produced by LOOQS. Sure it displays photos from internal 1GB memory as well as from USB stick or SD card. But additionally to that the MeeFrame sports WiFi b/g adapter. So it can show streamed content from Flickr, Picasa and MeeChannel, playback internet radio (thanks to 2W stereo speakers), display RSS feeds and photos received via email. Not bad for the digital photo frame, isn’t?

The LOOQS MeeFrame has 8″ touchscreen display with 800×600 resolution. So, you won’t spend you time to adopt photos to display on full screen. Touchscreen offers easy and clear way to configure and control device. Additionally the MeeFrame can be used together with other LOOQS products – the MeeBox NAS and MeeBox Router.

The LOOQS MeeFrame will be demonstrated at CES in January 2010. I suspect after that we’ll know about its price and date of availability.

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