OpenELEC released version 2.0: XBMC Eden + PVR

A few years ago I used LinuxMCE and VDR to watch and record Live TV on my Linux-based media center. But later I found the service which streams all Russian channels over Internet in good quality and switched to XBMC + special plugin to watch it. So far it’s ok. But USB DVB-S2 card near the box time to time remind me about Live TV and especially HD channels. So, I started thinking to try XBMC with PVR support. But I was too lazy to replace stable working XBMC Dharma installed from LiveCD by experimental PVR version. It looks like now I don’t have any excuse anymore. Because OpenELEC released a new stable version combining the latest XBMC Eden and PVR. Moreover, that version should support the CEC Adapter which I bought half year ago to control my TV from the XBMC box over HDMI. OpenELEC offers almost any well known PVR systems – TVHeadend, VDR, Njoy N7, MythTV, Mediaportal, HDHomerun and VU+. I think I’ll choose my favorite one – VDR. I’ll try first to install OpenELEC 2.0 on the flash drive to do not break current system because it’ll be many interesting football games this weekend 🙂 Will post my experience with new system next week. So, stay tune!

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    1. D, 5. October 2013, 5:31


      Mind telling the XBMC plugin name you use to watch streamed Russian tv?


  • Michael, 14. October 2013, 10:09

    I use KartinaTV. You can find it also in the seppius-xbmc-repo. Here is a website of KartinaTV. Alternatively you may use BestRussianTV or LightTVision. But I like KartinaTV for good quality and big range of sport channels.

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