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Fibaro launched a Z-Wave universal sensor module

Z-Wave Universal Sensor Module

Polish company Fibaro added very interesting Z-Wave device in its range. New universal sensor FGBS-001 transforms any ordinary sensor (gas, smoke, motion etc) into Z-Wave enabled. So, you’ll able to add any your existing sensors or weather station to your Z-Wave network. The universal sensor module includes temperature sensor DS18B20 which is good addition to it.

The Fibaro universal sensor module is compatible with Fibaro building intelligence system as well as with any Z-Wave controller.

[via AutomatedHome]

Control4 introduced Starter Kit under $1000

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Control4 Starter Kit

Control4 recently introduced its new Starter Kit under the price $1000. Except installation the price include a HC-250 Controller which allows control up to 8 IR devices, two devices/subsystems via serial interface and IP control for an unlimited number or devices. The Starter Kit looks nice for single room installation. It covers media control including audio and video streaming from various sources and ZigBee automation – lighting, climate-control, security. To control the system the ZigBee remote (including into the kit) can be used together with on-screen GUI. Additionally any Android, iOS or Mac smartphone/tablet/computer can be used but it needs a license fees – $199 for single device or $499 to cover the entire home.

The system can be easily expanded according to consumer’s needs – ZigBee lighting switches ($129 each), ZigBee door locks ($150 to $350) or a door intercom unit with camera ($799). Additional HC-250 Controller will cost $599. So, the Control4 Starter Kit is a good way to start your home automation in case you’re not geek who prefers build his system by himself of use some open source solution like LinuxMCE.

[via Engadget]