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Specialising in luxury home entertainment and automation systems, iLifeSolutions offer their customer some of the best and brightest technology
systems available on the planet. From use of home systems, to residential markets and even hotels, i.Life design, install and commission some of the best
and unique projects in the United Kingdom.

As home cinema systems become more and more popular throughout the UK, the great news is that they are also becoming cheaper. i.Life offer you a vast range
of luxurious opportunities with their bronze, silver and gold packages. Home cinemas offer you the opportunity to experience that big screen reality without
having to pay the prices of the every day cinemas. Even the base package offers you 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound in-ceiling amplified speakers, one-touch keypads
and an audio, multi-room system. Whichever plan you choose however, you will be offered only the best, high quality bespoke products that satisfy both you and
your home.

Of course, besides the most brilliant home cinema systems, i.Life also offer state of the art home automation systems. Whether you want to control your security cameras, blinds, heating or even television cabinets, i.Life can arrange this with the most simple to use control systems. If you are away from home however, and you wish to check up on what’s happening, you can even have the ability to check on your prized possessions through your mobile phone or the internet.

Using the latest Keeloq RF technology, i.Life also offer door security systems and network-controlled cameras available. All of these can be accessed through your automation system and even via text messaging, email or the internet so that you can go away knowing that your house is under one of the tightest domestic security systems in the United Kingdom.

If you want to know more about i.Life and the technological solutions available, their extensive demonstration facilities are based in St. Albans. However, if you happen to live at the opposite end of the country, their informative brochures can be downloaded at the click of a button.

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