Sexy learning thermostat with iPod style

Nest Labs Thermostat

Californian start-up Nest Labs launched world’s first learning thermostat Nest. It looks very attractive and uses the same approach for user interaction as iPod (company’s founders – two ex-Apple employees from the iPod team). The thermostat is extremely simple in installation and easy in use. Moreover, it learns your temperature preferences during the fist week and then starts build the temperature schedule automatically based on previous data. Sure you have ability to adjust it manually.

Thanks to built-in WiFi adapter and special apps you may control the Nest from iOS or Android devices as well as from web-based interface. Also it can be integrated to the whole home automation system.

The thermostat Nest will be available in the middle of November at $249.00. Taking into account its price, design, learning feature and DIY segmentation we can say that it’s possible the best approach for your apartments or house to add climate-control and save money.

Check a few demo videos after break.

Promo video

Installation of Nest

Learning feature

[via AutomatedHome]

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