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iRidium mobile Ltd. – a dedicated software provider for home automation control solutions – introduced a New Type of License – Ultimate License for AMX. It is a license which is bound to an AMX controller (or to a network of AMX controllers) enabling you to control from an UNLIMITED number of control panels (iOS or Windows XP/7). It is very, very convenient… Ultimate License is an amazing option for my business!” said Dmitry Ryzhkov, Technical Director at Seetouch. iRidium Ultimate License for AMX has been made on request of dealers and installers worldwide to simplify installation and maintenance of ambitious AMX projects.

With iRidium Ultimate License you can:

  • Communicate with an AMX controller (or a network of AMX controllers) from an UNLIMITED number of panels
  • Easily replace control panels in case of their loss, damage or upgrade
  • Add new control devices at any stage of your project with no need for licensing
  • Transfer the license to a new controller for free if the old one needs to be replaced

“After having tested this in my office, this looks like a very nice option for someone looking to integrate these into a home system specifically, due to the fact that phones and even tablets seem to be changing rapidly” told Chris Johnson, AMX Certified Expert at Progressive Communications Inc.

“The real advantage with this license for us is when a client updates an iOS device. Another advantage is the fact that it is a one off fee. Once the AMX controller is licensed there are no additional charges involved if the client decides to add another iOS device to the system” said David Traino, Technical Director at Automated Networks and Design

For dealer pricing and online licensing, click here. See how easily you can deploy iRidium for AMX in your project with our User Manual and Video Lesson.

iRidium Development Team continually opens up new possibilities for developing projects across the Residential, Marine & Commercial markets. Coming soon:

  • iRidium Ultimate for Crestron and KNX (through Weinzierl KNX IP BAOS)
  • iRidium for AMX and Mac
  • iRidium for AMX and Android

If you are an installer or integrator and have not yet tried the possibilities of iRidium, you can obtain a free, unrestricted demo license for one iPad, one iPhone and one WindowsXP/7 device by registering here.

You can find more information on iRidium products using the following link.

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