Linuxmce 0810 Final is released

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After a few years of hard development the stable version of LinuxMCE 0810 is out! Our congratulations to all LinuxMCE developers, contributers and users. This is a giant step forward. So, hope next release 1004 which is based on Kubuntu 10.04 and already in progress, won’t take so long.

Anyway, the stable 0810 image is about 3.3GB and can be downloaded here. It includes a full-featured home automation system with covers automation – Z-Wave, X10, INSTEON, KNX/EIB, PLCBus, entertainment – VDR, MythTV, MAME games, security – surveillance with various IP, web or analog cameras, security scenarios, climate control – different climate control scenarios, Z-Wave thermostats, telephony – Asterisk and energy consumption monitoring. The system can be controlled from remote control using on-screen interface, from iOS/Android devices or from Ajax-based web interface. Also it’ll be possible to make upgrade from 0810 to 1004. So, do not hesitate and try LinuxMCE 0810 to make your home intelligent.

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