“Smart View” mirrors TV to smartphone and more

Smart TV platform

Samsung’s Smart TV platform seems very successful. It hit 5 million TV app downloads worldwide in less than 15 months! The new cool app offered by Smart TV called Smart View. It allows to mirror TV content on Android based smartphone or tablet over WiFi. Moreover, using that app user may access Smart TV apps loaded on the TV, use the app as a game controller, check TV listings and much much more.

Currently Smart VIew is supported by Samsung GALAXY S II only. Other Samsung’s smartphone and tablets will run it soon. I don’t think Samsung will allow to use the Smart View on Android devices of other manufactures. Corporate interests are above all.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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    1. HI 98129, 9. June 2011, 21:52

      Oh yes, I remember reading about this in a brochure on the Samsung Galaxy S. Very, very practical for when you want to watch videos or shows from your phone to the TV without having to wire anything! It's a shame that only works with Samsung devices… but I bet that in the future all devices will have such functionality hehe

      Thanks for sharing! 😀

  • nite_man, 9. June 2011, 22:31

    It isn't shame, man. Each company would like to push people use only their devices. That's why I don't think that technology will be available for the rest manufactures. But probably, LG, Sony and others will provides their own solutions. Sure I prefer to have an universal one.

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