Simple but efficient wall mount for tablet PCs

Tablet PCs becoming more and more popular day by day. As result the number of their accessories also increase. One of the most useful from them is wall mounting kit. You may find a lot of them on the market. But most of them designed for iPad only and sometimes expensive. So, any universal and non-expensive solution merits a great attention. The Hedgie iPad & Universal Tablet PC Mounting Solution is one of them. It’s very simple and priced at £8 only! It can be used with iPad or any other Tablet PC to easy attach or detach device to the wall.

[via AutomatedHome]

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    1. Steve, 13. June 2011, 12:03

      I read somewhere that kids with autism love this thing, I think they stick them on tables so they don't drop the tablet on the floor. It looks nice anyway and actually you get 2 in one package as it shows on video. I love the idea – Hedgehog carries an Apple, like in cartoons. 🙂

  • Fred, 2. October 2011, 2:19

    Yeah thats pretty cool slim mount very east for anyone to install & mount

  • fred, 2. October 2011, 2:26

    Great video, I didn't know that there was mounts for the ipad in the car.

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