Android as a way to control your home

Android @ Home

Google recently announced its new platform Android @ Home which should join all devices in the home for easy configuration and management. The idea is to add Android to each device – TV, STB, washing machine, dimmers, switches, lamps etc. Then using ready-made software or built by yourself using Android @ Home SDK you’ll able to manage those devises from Android smartphone or tablets even over Internet. The current conception when the smarhome is built around a controller won’t be used. Each device will be accessible directly. Additionally Google offers integration with its services like Google Music and some video/TV maybe to stream media content over the house.

From the first view the Android @ Home looks weird a bit. But taking in to account an Android scalability I can imaging it’ll be a great solution. Because, for example, Z-Wave or ZigBee are good for automation or climate control. But they’re useless if we’re talking about entertainment area or telephony. But Android theoretically can be used anywhere. The first Android enabled LED light bulb is expected to be on sale at the end of this year! With the same price as ordinary LED light bulbs. So, probably next year will bring completely new approach for home automation. I just scary about how Google already integrated in our life and how it’ll be.

P. S. Using the link above you may watch the Android @ Home video presentation on Google IO. You can see there Android enabled LED light bulbs, integration with Google Music and impressive adding desire music albums to personal media library by reading the RDIF tags on the CD box.

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