Kinect-based gesture interface for Win7

Evoluce Kinect-based 'Win & I' gesture interface for Windows 7

Evoluce announced its new Kinect-based gesture interface for Win7 “Win & I” which brings PC remote control to the new level. Sure it needs to be polish and user should be prepared for it but even now it looks very impressive (see the video below). The “Win & I” home edition is tagged at €20 only (without Kinect, of course). So, you may try it to control your media center and enjoy new feeling.

Also there is an another similar software called Air Presenter. It’s developed by So Touch. According to its video presentation the Air Presenter offers more native gesturing and hand-waving then “Win & I”. Its gestures look a bit similar to work with touchscrteen.

[via Engadget]

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