USB Z-Wave Transceiver & Everspring UK Sockets by Vesternet

Vesternet USB Z-Wave Transceiver & Everspring UK Sockets

Company Vesternet launched a few interesting Z-Wave products in UK. First of all its plug and play transceiver comes with on board drivers and a Z-Wave application for managing devices. So, by attaching it to PC or laptop we immediately will have Z-Wave controller. Clever solution for £49.99 device indeed.

Also Vesternet offers two kinds of kits – Energy and Security. Both of them include free Z-Wave USB stick. Additionally Energy kit contains nine Homepro On/Off Sockets and AeonLabs 3-Clamp Power Meter. Security kit has three Everspring Door & Window Sensors, three Homepro Motion Detector and three Everspring On/Off sockets. Sure you can buy any device included into kit separately.

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