AMD E-350 APU vs. Intel Atom D525 with ION 2

AMD E-350 APU vs. Intel Atom D525 with ION 2

Long time platform nVidia Ion didn’t have any competitor in case if it’s needed compact, noiseless HTPC with 1080p support. Maybe that’s why its second generation was mostly marketing ploy. But now situation changed. AMD launched its new platform AMD E-350 APU which combines CPU and GPU on one chip. And according to information Hot Hardware and AnandTech it beats Intel Atom D525 with ION 2 on all categories except gaming – productivity, music, PCMarks, communications, and movies. Moreover, AMD E-350 APU supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA bitstreaming over HDMI. So, looks like nVidia should know what new features and improvements will be in the third generation of Ion. If it’ll be released, of course.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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    1. mHTPC, 1. April 2011, 17:44

      E-350 solutions are not bad, specially embedded (18w)
      Systems that can afford a just a little more (silent mini HTPC) get same video performance and features but much better overall performance with Intel's Sandy Bridge and desktop processos (socket 1155, IE i3 2100T 35w)

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