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USB Z-Wave Transceiver & Everspring UK Sockets by Vesternet

Vesternet USB Z-Wave Transceiver & Everspring UK Sockets

Company Vesternet launched a few interesting Z-Wave products in UK. First of all its plug and play transceiver comes with on board drivers and a Z-Wave application for managing devices. So, by attaching it to PC or laptop we immediately will have Z-Wave controller. Clever solution for £49.99 device indeed.

Also Vesternet offers two kinds of kits – Energy and Security. Both of them include free Z-Wave USB stick. Additionally Energy kit contains nine Homepro On/Off Sockets and AeonLabs 3-Clamp Power Meter. Security kit has three Everspring Door & Window Sensors, three Homepro Motion Detector and three Everspring On/Off sockets. Sure you can buy any device included into kit separately.

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AMD E-350 APU vs. Intel Atom D525 with ION 2

AMD E-350 APU vs. Intel Atom D525 with ION 2

Long time platform nVidia Ion didn’t have any competitor in case if it’s needed compact, noiseless HTPC with 1080p support. Maybe that’s why its second generation was mostly marketing ploy. But now situation changed. AMD launched its new platform AMD E-350 APU which combines CPU and GPU on one chip. And according to information Hot Hardware and AnandTech it beats Intel Atom D525 with ION 2 on all categories except gaming – productivity, music, PCMarks, communications, and movies. Moreover, AMD E-350 APU supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA bitstreaming over HDMI. So, looks like nVidia should know what new features and improvements will be in the third generation of Ion. If it’ll be released, of course.

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Iomega revamped their ScreenPlay Media Player lineup

Iomega ScreenPlay Media Player

Iomega launched two new HD media players in the ScreenPlay lineup – Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player and its lightweight model, Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link DX HD Media Player. Both of them offer access to services like Netflix and Pandora, are DLNA certified, support 1080p video playback with Dolby / DTS decoding. Players can be connected to LAN over WiFi using USB adapter. The wireless controller with QWERTY keyboard makes navigation in the media library or web pages easy and comfortable. So, the Iomega ScreenPlay players look nice. But I’d like to see the Iomega Boxee model more.

The prices of new Iomega players are reasonable. The ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player with internal 1TB HDD can be found in B&H at $199.95. 2TB model is priced at $299.99. The diskless ScreenPlay TV Link DX HD Media Player is $149.99.

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‘Smart’ QWERTY TV Remote from Samsung

Samsung QWERTY TV Remote

Samsung announced its new $99.99 remote control included QWERTY keyboard. It’ll make navigation through various online media services added to Samsung Smart TVs more convenient.

The new Samsung QWERTY TV Remote will come bundled with LED D8000 and D7000 Series and Plasma D8000 Series Smart TVs. It’ll be also compatible with LED D6300 Series models and up.

Popcorn Hour and PopBox will support Matroska 3D

Popcorn Hour and PopBox

Syabas who produces well-known HD networked media tanks Popcorn Hour and media streamers PopBox, just announced a support of Matroska 3D container on its devices. That feature will be available via free firmware update. The owners of the Popcorn Hour C-200 and the A-200/210 can get support of MK3D even now. PopBox update is on the way.

Actually this is a nice feature. Especially no other media streamers can do that. But the problem with to find some 3D movie converted from 3D Blu-ray to MK3D. I guess only Torrents will an option.

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