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GPU acceleration for Flash player under Linux

1080p flash video with GPU acceleration

All users of HTPC based on Atom processor and nVidia Ion graphics should know the GPU acceleration works pretty well for HD movies and doesn’t work for Flash video at all. That’s really bad because more and more online services stream 1080p video. But likely situation is changed and Linux users can utilize GPU power for Flash video decoding with new Adobe Flash Player 10.2. Just download and install it. Firefox should start using it immediately. Chrome users should do a simple manual configuration – type about:plugins in the address bar to open config page, press button Details, find option Flash, disable stock player version and enable new one. That’s it. Now you may enjoy HD video from Youtube or some other online strimming service.

[via Aleutia Blog]

Smart kitchen from Sub-Zero and Control4


Sub-Zero is going to be a competitor of LG and Kenmore in the smart kitchen area. But unlike they Sub-Zero just adds ZigBee chip to its appliance and uses ready-made control system from Control4 which should speedup the development process a lot. Moreover the system can control whole house and not just a kitchen. With LG and Kenmore systems the integration with home control system is not done at all. So, either manufactures should partner with some smarthome system producers or consumers should pay for such possibility. That’s why Sub-Zero and Control4 solution looks more promising. In any case will see it in the second quarter when the first version of Sub-Zero and Control4 smart kitchen is expected.

[via Engadget]

Z-Wave remote control with IR transmitter

Z-URC 550 / 500

If you use some remote control for your Z-Wave devices and another one for AV equipment the Remotec Z-URCTM 550/500 definitely makes your life easier. Because except Z-Wave chip it has IR transmitter and allows control up to 4 (Z-URCTM 500) or 8 (Z-URCTM 550) IR devices.

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