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Customize Harmony remotes with MyHarmony


Logitech not just produces not expensive but power universal remote controls Harmony. It also offers a simple and convenient way to customize they layout with software MyHarmony. Using it you can assign remote control buttons with different commands as well as update database of IR commands (not sure but it should be like that).

Initially the MyHarmony supported Harmony 300. But recently Logitech added he Harmony 600, Harmony 650 and Harmony 700 remotes. So, don’t miss the chance adjust your remote control according to your preferences.

[via Blog.Logitech]

Aeon Micro Smart Energy Switch turns any switch to Z-Wave one

Tiny Z-Wave Adapter

A new Aeon Lab product – Micro Smart Energy Switch gives an easy way to transform any ordinary switch or dimmer to the Z-Wave enabled one. It’s installed behind a light switch in a junction box and add possibility to send ON, OFF or lighting level commands from Z-Wave controller or remote control. Additionally it sends to controller an information about energy consumption. That solution will give more flexibility for new houses and apartments. Because consumers will be able to choose lighting switches design they want. For retrofitted projects it won’t be needed to replace existing switches.

It’s planned the Aeon Micro Smart Energy Switch will be priced less then $100.

Cord Cutters: three Boxee Box tips and tricks

A big fan of Boxee Box Janko Roettgers from Cord Cutters shared his three tips and tricks for Boxee Box users – bookmarklets, Delicious bookmarks and sharing of Boxee Box content over network. To add any web video to Watch Later queue on your Boxee Box in one click from any browser just follow by this simple instruction. After adding the video you may watch it on your Boxee Box.

The tip with using Delicious bookmarks via Boxee RSS Feeds will help a lot till Boxee team will add bookmarks to the embeded browser.

XBMC is coming to AppleTV2, iPad and iPhone4


Yesterday XBMC team announced a release for ARM platform. That means you may have the best HTPC software running on your jailbreaked AppleTV2, iPad or iPhone4. And if iPad or iPhone4 with XBMC look not seriously for me. The compact and stylish $99 AppleTV2 with 1080p support can be very good options for all who’d like to have their own HTPC with nice features and glorious GUI (demo videos after break).

To install XBMC on your jailbreaked Apple device just follow by those two manuals for AppleTV2 and iPad/iPhone4.
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VUDU finally came to Boxee Box!


Good news for Boxee Boxes owners and VUDU subscribers. With the latest firmware update you’ll have access to the VUDU content from your Boxee Boxes. Moreover, Boxee supports 1080p HD video at 24 fps and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround thanks to VUDU TruFilm technology which optimizes the encoding, transmission and display of HDX movies.

Unfortunately VUDU is available for the US only. But you still should upgrade your Boxee Box. Because except VUDU the latest firmware brings a lot of other changes and bugfxies, i. e. forcing of subtitle automatic selection during MKV file playback, support for language selection in subtitle/audio or settings to control de-interlacing and video filters configuration. To run upgrade procedure just go to Settings>System>Update and wait till the system download and install it.

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