RAVEn + Energy Calendar = Power energy monitoring system


Rainforest Automation – producer USB ZigBee dongle and ZigBee powered energy meter chose Energy Calendar by Empower Software as a user interface to give consumers an effective way to control their energy consumption. See the full press release after break.

Empower Software and Rainforest Automation Partnership Aims to Engage Consumers for Smart Grid

Vancouver, BC- January 28, 2011 – Empower Software, the leading provider of user friendly customer access to home energy management, and Rainforest Automation, a leading manufacturer of products that link to and communicate with the smart meter, today announced that they are partnering to provide direct access to household smart meter data in a way that engages the consumer to take control of their own energy consumption.

Rainforest Automation enables two-way communication between utilities and homeowners via the smart meter. Their RAVEnTM Radio Adapter for Viewing Energy product is a USB stick that communicates directly with smart meters that have been equipped with ZigBee Smart Energy wireless capabilities, and provides real time energy monitoring on any home personal computer.

Empower Software enhances the solution with their Energy Calendar, a software product that provides a user friendly, feature-rich interface to view energy usage across the web on a common PC. Energy Calendar not only enables consumers to be able make informed decisions about their energy consumption and dramatically reduce energy costs, but can also engages the consumer with revealing visual data analysis that encourages their participation in peak load curtailment.

“Partnering with Empower Software is a strategic move to deliver more consumer-centric energy information,” said Chris Tumpach, President of Rainforest Automation. “It is becoming clear that an engaged consumer is vital to the success of the Smart Grid.”

“Our partnership with Rainforest Automation is shining example of how two adjacent best-of-breed energy management solutions can combine to create an enjoyable customer experience to deliver a more powerful and seamless solution for consumer engagement,” said Michael Silmont, COO of Empower.

About Empower:

Based in Vancouver BC, Empower Software, a leader in energy management presentment, works with utilities to help consumers understand their energy costs and how they can save money on their energy bills. Empower’s engaging visual information and insightful messaging about their usage results in behavior shifts and reductions in peak consumption ,costs and cutting carbon emissions. For more information, please visit www.empowersoftware.ca or call us at 604.568.3410.

About Rainforest Automation:

Rainforest Automation Inc. makes products that allow utilities and homeowners to manage residential energy usage. From In-Home Displays (IHD), to Home Area Network (HAN) Gateways, to alternative Smart Grid communications, Rainforest makes innovative products that just work – and fit your budget. The company is based in Vancouver, BC. For more information, visit: www.rainforestautomation.com.

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