LG Thinq automated appliances in action

LG Thinq automated appliances in action

I already wrote about new LG Thinq technology which joins all appliances in the house in the network. I was impress by that idea and waited CES 2011 to see its demonstration. And finally I saw it. It’s awesome! Let’s started from the oven. It has color touchscreen to choose desire mode. Moreover, you can find recipe and see detailed instruction how to prepare and cook a dish you’re interested in. LG Thinq offers another way to manage the oven using smartphone. You can see the cooking progress, manage temperature and be notified about finishing of cooking.

Fridge is also equiped with touchscreen. It knows what products are kept inside and in what place. Also it’s possible easily check the expiration date of each item in the fridge (very useful for single men I think). Like the oven, fridge also can be controlled via smartphone. You may change its temperature or see what items do you have and their expiration dates.

Washing machine and dryer take more energy then other devices. That’s why they offer economy mode which meets the cheapest energy rate according to Smart Meter data. Sure you can start device immediately if you harry up and don’t care about energy cost. But in the most cases you’ll able to save your money. The same as with oven and fridge you can control washing machine and dryer from your smartphone.

Finally I’d like to say about future of LG Thinq. First of all, LG is going to add more protocols to control their appliances. Together with existing WiFi consumers will have a choice between Z-Wave, ZigBee and probably something else. It’ll give simple way to integrate appliances into smarthome systems. Also we still waiting a robotic vacuum cleaner with camera. It should be something impressive as well.

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