Vidtonic DIY Android TV kit


Vidtonic is going to present its new DIY kit to build Android TV on the CES 2011 on January. It’ll include television housing, cables, 1080p LCD panel in various sizes, power supply, a motherboard using an ARM/DSP microprocessor solution and full SDK to build software part. Sure, it’ll be interesting for many Android folks. We saw such approach in the past with hacker Roomba kit or open source version of DVR Neorus. But in my opinion it’d be much better to have set-top-box based kit. It’s cheaper and easier to delivery. In any case, let’s wait till CES 2011 and see the DIY Android TV kit availability and price.

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    1. serena, 20. May 2011, 15:14

      The DIY kit which is going to present by vidtronic is a great effort and i like it is cheap and easy to deliver.On Android TV,you can also enjoy your favorite songs,movies,chatting,videos,Facebook,music and much more.These qualities makes this product much ideal.


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