ZigBee is going to replace IR in the remote controls


Looks like ZigBee Alliance found another area for their technology. Additionally to energy consumption meters they are going to replace old IR by modern ZigBee. From the first glass it’s good. Because ZigBee is more reliable then IR, it has bigger range and can work even through walls. Also it’ll be much easier to integrate AV equipment or air conditioners to the home automation system which supports ZigBee. But on the other hand maybe it’d be more efficient utilize the RF technology currently used in the wireless keyboards, mouses and remotes. In that case consumers won’t need to replace all control devices.

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    1. drdougdeep, 29. December 2010, 21:17

      RF technology usually employed in remotes today is often worse than IR. Most commonly used is OOK modulation (on/off key), where the presence of a signal, say 430mhz, represents a 1, and the absence a zero. Any interference on that frequency and you have bad data. It has zero fault tolerance.

      Keyboard and mice tend to use something a bit fancier, but aside from bluetooth, there's no standard.

  • nite_man, 30. December 2010, 11:54

    Well, I'm talking about standard de-facto RF technology based on 2.4GHz frequency. Almost all wireless keyboards, mouses and remotes use it. Sure, to have a standard and reliable technology with easy integration with smarthome systems is good. I just would like to keep my Gyration remote 😉 Also I'm worry about interpolation ZigBee. As I know currently it's a problem to use ZigBee devices from different producers together comparing with Z-Wave. In any case, will see

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