Terminator theme for home theater

VIA EPIA-P830 Pico-ITX board

It’s not enough for home theater to include high-end equipment and be integrated with home automation system. It also should have some exceeded design. Like Terminator themed one, for example. It was built in the 14’ x 21’ bare room. All design elements were inspired by the second movie: T2 – Judgement Day. Looks awesome, doesn’t it? See the list of equipments after break.

Equipment List

  • Panasonic PTAE4000 1080P Projector
  • Screen Innovations Black Diamond II HD 1.4 wall screen
  • DVDO VP50 THX Pro Video Scaler
  • Octava 1080P Active HDMI Video Balun
  • Onkyo Pro THX ultra2 PR-SC55886 Preamplifier
  • Parasound THX ultra2 M5125 5 CH Power Amplifier
  • Audiocontrol Bijou THX Room Correction Equalizer
  • BG Radia PD-6LCRi Planar In-Wall Speakers with PDR 3” ribbon tweeters
  • BG Radia PD-6i Planar In Wall Surround Speakers
  • Velodyne SC-IW Vibration Cancelling In-Wall Subwoofers
  • Velodyne SA-200 Subwoofer Power Amplifier
  • Buttkicker LFE Transducers
  • Buttkicker BKA 1000-N Power Amplifier
  • Universal Remote MX-3000BLK RF Touchscreen and MSC-400 RF Basestation
  • APC H15 Power Conditioner and J15 Power Conditioner/Battery Backup
  • Sony Playstation 3, X-Box 360 and Nintendo Wii game consoles
  • Bell Express Vu 9142 Dual Tuner PVR
  • Sony Blu Ray Disc Player
  • Apple TV
  • Monstercable THX/Ethereal cabling

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