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Stylish Ion2 nettop for HTPC


Habey offers a stylish nVidia Ion2 based nettop just for $260! It sports Intel dual-core 1.66GHz Atom D510 processor and nVidia Ion2 graphic, which allows 1080p video playback. Also the nettop has two bays for 2.5″ HDDs, two mini PCI Express slots, HDMI port, VGA port, S/PDIF optical digital output, gigabit Ethernet, a few USB ports and internal COM one.

I like minimalistic design of Habey’s nettop and its price. But two things I don’t like when I’m thinking to use it as HTPC – lack built-in IR receiver and small fan on the GPU which should definitely makes noise. And while the first problem can be easily solved by using external IR receiver of RF remote control with USB dongle, the reduce noise will be very difficult.

KNXDroid controls KNX/EIB systems from Android devices


Thanks to application KNXDroid users of KNX/EIB based home automation system can control them via Android smartphones, tablets or webpads. The application allows to monitor devices statuses in the system or send desire control command to them. Communication between KNXDroid and KNX/EIB system is done via WiFi or 3G. Sure, you should have KNXNet/IP gateway for that.

KNXDroid has a clear and intuitive user interface which will help you manage your system easier and more efficient. And its price is just $9.99!

[via AutomatedHome]

Toshiba and Vizio are going to join Google TV

Google TV

Good news for all Google TV fans. Toshiba and Vizio will present Google TV based AV devices at CES 2011 in January. So, there will be a choice not limited just by Sony’s HDTVs and Blu-ray players.

Google TV is good. But it’s be better for Google, producers and consumers to have some alternative. Because currently there is no other option for web-enabled AV devices except some proprietary solutions developed by manufactures. Will see. Hope next year will bring a lot new technologies in AV area.

TBS Qbox S2: DVB-S2 USB card supported by Linux


If you’d like to add a possibility to watch and record satellite TV to your Linux-based compact HTPC (ASRock HTPC with XBMC, for example) the Qbox S2 USB DVB-S2 card can be an option for that. It’s supported by both VDR and MythTV and have a reasonable price – €68.68. TBS also is planning to release a version with CI if you’re interesting to watch encoded channels.

Access Facebook from LG HDTVs

WD TV Live Media Player

LG announced a new firmware for their HDTVs for UK consumers. It brings Facebook, Twitter, BBC iPlayer, Acetrax, Google Maps, Youtube, Picasa and more to the web-enabled HDTVs. LCD and LED HDTVs owners can upgrade firmware even now. It’s done via Internet which is much better then using USB drives. The same update for LG’s plasma TVs will be available in the begining of December.

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